5 Year Old Girl Playing Drums Amazing video goes viral

October 26, 2020
Social Media
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5 year little girl playing drums

A video of a 5 year old girl playing drums went viral after shared on microbloging website twitter. Twitter peoples completely speechless.

A video of a little girl playing drums has gone viral on social media, and Twitter peoples cannot believe its eyes. They comment as this video is unreal. After being viral American basketball player Rex Chapman shared the mind-blowing clip.

The social media is full for adorable video of kids doing hilarious or cute things. This video clip is trending on Twitter right now and has left us totally speechless.

In this clip a little girl sitting in front of a drum set as she prepares to play a cover of the song playing in the background. The kid starts playing her set and in between also showcase some tricks with the drumsticks. At one moment, when there is a pause in the song, she does the trick continuously for a few seconds. She enjoys what she is doing throughout the clip, and we are speechless.

people couldn’t believe their eyes after they saw the video. Soon after it was shared, it instantly managed to garner more than 841.8k views and 22.7k likes. people filled the comments section with praise for the 5 year old girl.

Rex Chapman shared this video with caption “Unreal”, And we peoples are agree with him.

One user comment – “No matter what level of skill you attain in this life, just remember, some Asian child has beaten you to it.”

Another user comment – “Extraordinary! She is into it with every fiber of her little body! #joyous”

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