After meets Rrobert Hoffman Maleesha Kharwa video viral on internet

October 5, 2020
Instagram Viral
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Maleesha Kharwa (Malisha Kharwa) became famous due to Robert Hoffman.

Maleesha Kharwa, who lives in Mumbai’s slums, is in the news for Hollywood actor Robert Hofman these days. Followers are continuously growing on Malisha’s Instagram, due to which Robert Hofman, the actor of The Streets. Actually, actor Robert Hoffman came to India in February with his music video. During this time, he met Malisha. Malisha wants to become a successful model, in which the actor is supporting her. Malisha and Robert’s videos often go viral. In a video, Malisha is teaching Hindi to Robert.

In the video, Malisha is teaching Hindi to Robert saying, “My phone went bad.” Everyone sitting there listening to Robert’s broken Hindi laughs. So far, over 21 thousand followers have been on Malisha’s Instagram. Now Malisha is also sharing her stylish photos and videos, which are popular on social media as soon as they arrive.
Recently Malesha has shared another video. In which she is showing how she is living her life. In the video, she is showing her house and sleeping place. Fans are commenting a lot on Malisha’s video and giving their feedback.

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