Kya aapke gaon me vikas pahuncha hai – viral video interview

October 18, 2020
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A video from a regional channel Bihar Tak has a reporter asking an aged resident of Lakhisarai, “Kya aapke gaon me vikas pahuncha hai”.

The man replies, “Vikas…hum nahi the yahan sir. Hum bimar the toh doctor ke yahan gaye the.”

As we all know Bihar state elections draw closer, an interview of villager in the state, the reporter ask about Vikas (progress) in his village. the old age man replied an epic answer, which is widely shared on social media.

The reporter was speaking to the old age man residents of Lakhisarai about the changes and development in their village.

The 9 second video, have near about 800k views & more than 28k likes on twitter.

Some users comment on that video :

An epic reply, Kaun vikas ? Aur kaunsa Vikas ?

One user replies – Vikas is giving only special appearance in Bihar. That’s why few people could not see it because they were outside.

One user replies – Dekha jaye to dada ji jawab sahi hi diya… Vikas bimar hi to hai kai saalo s.. unko lga hospital hi hoga to dekhne chale gye

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