Portrait of singer Maithili Thakur using Rubik’s Cubes

November 5, 2020
Instagram Viral
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Maithili Thakur with cube

An artist create portrait of singer Maithili Thakur using Rubik’s Cubes. Singer Maithili Thakur also shared the clip on Instagram. He uses 600 Rubik’s cubes.

The video shared on instagram by Hariprasad (@hariology) with caption “Maithili Thakur: 600 Rubik’s cubes! .One of my most favourite musicians in India! Someone who doesn’t run behind name and fame… someone who creates pure music.. someone who tries to showcase the culture of our country… someone who inspires tons of musicians!

Maithili Thakur also shared this video on her personal Instagram profile. She wrote “This is Insane Hariprasad Ji. Thank you so much,”.

The clip shows Hariprasad CM setting the cubes in different ways to create the stunning portrait.

There are alot of comment as like “Hat’s off,” “Mind-blowing,” “Amazing,” . This video has gathered tons of appreciative comments from people. peoples couldn’t stop praising the artist for the amazing artwork.

One Instagram user wrote – “You always blow my mind with your art,”. Another user comment – “Wowwwwww I can’t believe my eyes! This is beautiful!!”. One other user also comment – “Insane! I have watched it 6-7 times,”. There were many who showcased their reactions using fire and heart emojis.

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