This man builds an 1-BHK house on a rickshaw – India first portable home

October 14, 2020
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An architect from Tamil Nadu has constructed what is likely India’s first portable home.

N.G. Arun Prabhu, a 23 year old young architect has outlined this marvel. His project aims to create awareness on small scale engineering and reasonable housing. This versatile house on autorickshaw is named Solo 0.1 and has adequate space for 2 adults.

The idea of a portable yet affordable home came about while researching the rampant ghettoisation in Mumbai and Chennai. Arun realised that on an normal Rs 4-5 lakh is spent to construct a hut-like structure lacking basic facilities. He came up with Solo 0.1 as an arrangement. Believe it or not, the entire amount spent to build this house is just one lakh!. It may seem a bit compact but this architectural wonder has a bedroom, a living room, kitchen, toilet, bath and a workspace. It even features a water tank that can store up to 250 liters of water. It has 600 watts sun powered panels and batteries for power, pantries, holders and staircase to get to the top is additionally included.

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Arun Prabhu an architect, resident of Paramathi Vellore Tamil Nadu, shocked everyone by building a wonderful house on auto rickshaw. this auto rickshaw 36 sq ft space has not only bedroom, living room, kitchen, toilet, bathtub and workspace, but a 250 litre water tank for water.

It has 600 watts solar panels, batteries,cupboards,hangers,doors and staircase for drying outside. It’s called Solo 0.1. It is prepared in just one lakh Rs. Arun made ‘Solo 0.1’ from old three-wheeler and recycled items, equipped with solar battery.

It took him five months to build Solo 0.1 aiming to provide a temporary home to labourers, homeless and small shopkeepers at a low price.They have created this beautiful thing by joining Bangalore’s design and architect company Billboard.

Arun made this portable abode on a second hand Bajaj pickup auto rickshaw. Most of the components utilized to finish this convenient domestic is all reused. It took him around five months to bring this project to life.

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