Viral video for creating music with Bottles And A Toy Train

October 15, 2020
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amazing song by glass

more than 1.4M views on this video

The video was shared on Twitter by former American basketballer Rex Chapman with caption “Ok, this is amazing…“.

The Scientific American explains that when it comes to creating music, a bottle functions as a “closed-end air column”. Changing the level of water and air in a bottle also changes the pitch. When a bottle has more air, vibrations are slower and therefore, the pitch produced when the bottle is struck is lower.

In the video woman takes the popular science experiment to a whole new level, creating complete song using just glass bottles, a model toy train and two drumsticks. The video is going massively viral on twitter.

In the video a Japanese woman using the scientific principle to make music with the help of bottles of different shapes and sizes. The video begins with a woman using drumsticks to strike three different bottles, producing a simple but sweet melody. Then, her companion takes things up a notch. She attaches the sticks to a toy train in such a way that they strike a row of bottles placed on either side of the tracks as the train moves.

The resulting music is just amazing…

Since being posted on yesterday, the video has garnered over 1.4M+ views and 25.6k+ likes’, along with hundreds of appreciative comments.

One of twitter user wrote “Delightful demonstration of genius in multiple forms,”. Another twitter user says “Brilliant,”.

One of twitter user replies – “The amazing dumb shit we could have been wasting our time doing during our pandemic if we weren’t fighting off a wannabe dictatorship.”

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