Viral Video – Robot Pulling A Rickshaw

October 21, 2020
Social Media
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robot dog pull rickshaw

A video of a robot pulling a rickshaw has gone viral on social media.

A video shared by Supriya Sahu IAS on microbloging website Twitter, went to viral on social media. in this video a rickshaw being pulled by a robot. The internat is absolutely baffled after watching this video.

In this video, A man boarded the robot-driven rickshaw and introduced people to the concept of the vehicle. he instructed the ‘Robot Dog’ to take him to the market. “Oh, look at him settling into it. My good man, to the market,” he said as the robot began its journey. The man was absolutely astonished and so are we.

The clip was at first posted on special effect designer Adam Savage’s official YouTube channel in February. It has 2.6M views and more than 79k likes.

“Future Rickshaws! See this amazing prototype of a robot-driven rickshaw carriage,” Supriya Sahu said in the caption of the post. it has near about 70k views, 4.5k likes and several retweets.

One user says – This is what the future is all about ! Just finished a project teaching kids teaching Language of Machine. Feel -Imagine and explore !

One other user comments – it would stripped away the employment of many workers

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