Woman swinging a wok around her while cooking noodles

October 15, 2020
Social Media
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This video was shared on Twitter by user @Hinder_Surprise at 10th Oct. It went viral and garnered more than 9.2 million views and counting on the social media platform. In the video there was a lady making noodles in a wok while simultaneously dancing to the international hit dance pop song ‘Oppan Gangnam Style ‘ by South Korean singer PSY. The heavy pan was amazingly well-balanced by the woman, that too keeping time with the beats of the song. There are alot of peoples who were witness of the live action and recorded videos of the impressive antics of the lady.

The video goes viral on the internet, many users share there reactions. some people was shocked to see the woman’s cooking and dancing prowess while others wished the people watching it live could have been a little more enthusiastic. here are some users responses –

Teacher: no eating in class
me in the back:

One user replies – She had to of burnt herself a number of times learning how to do that…. well I hope she did

One of user replies – “The amount of sad, depressive, bitter comments this video has amazes me. But if someone uploads a video of people fighting or getting hit, you all laugh like thing was a circus. Don’t lie I’ve seen it. Smh”

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