Woman with 9-month baby bump runs 1.6 km in just 5 mins, 25 seconds

October 20, 2020
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A 9-month pregnant woman Makenna Myler, 28-year-old athlet completed 1.6 kilometers in just 5 mins 25 seconds.

She feat is nothing less than incredible because a normal person with a fairly healthy running habit would usually be able to complete 1.6 kms (1 mile) in around 9-10 minutes on average. But Myler completed it in almost half the time.

Makenna Myler, a 28-year-old athlete, completed her running goal with her unborn baby, which is due on October 19.

“Honestly I had no idea I’d be capable of running that time by the end of my pregnancy. I took everything week by week. I love trying so by the time nine months rolled around, I thought ‘why not?’ I don’t HAVE to do anything, I GET to do it. That mindset makes it more fun,” Myler was quoted by LadBible.

Myler, who has dedicated her life to fitness, had to change her training regime due to pregnancy and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“My training regime changed a ton to accommodate growing another human. I went from double days and three intense workouts a week to once a day and maybe one workout a week, if that,” she added.

But is it healthy for her to run such a distance during pregnancy? Well, Myla’s training has been approved by medical professionals.

Myler explained all her doctors have been super supportive of her fitness routine during pregnancy. Her second doctor was a bit more cautious but after checking the ultrasound report and the health of the baby he gave Myla the green light of non-intense running.

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